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About Me

Hi, I’m Bailey and I’m moving 583 miles across the country! I’m a born and raised Southerner moving to Detroit, MI with my husband Will and my dog Buddy. Will is about to graduate this spring from Wake Forest University School of Medicine with his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering – he’s super smart and super cute. We’ve been married since August 2016 and are currently living in Winston Salem, NC. When Will proposed, he asked me to be his adventure buddy for life. We’re really taking that to heart this year.

Man and woman holding dog in field on farm
My little family

So wait.. if I’m moving to Detroit… then why is the blog called “Bailey Abroad?!” Will and I actually talked about if we’d ever want to live abroad very early on in our marriage. It was both something we said we’d consider, but I don’t think I’d ever actually really seriously considered it. Well, December 2019 Will accepted a job in Europe – in Switzerland – for a year. And we were ecstatic! I mean, living in Europe – our actual dream come true! We love Europe. We love traveling. It was all right there at our fingertips. So I started this blog as a sort of digital scrapbook to document our adventure year to keep our friends and family in the loop.

Unfortunately, Swiss work visas are extremely difficult to get if you’re outside the EU. We knew this, we just thought it meant that I wouldn’t be able to work. We had no idea that it meant Will wouldn’t be able to either.

I’m very much a type A, love to have a plan kind of person, so this totally threw me for a loop. Where did this leave us?? What was our next move??

Well, Will works a lot with safety in the car industry. A lot of American-based car companies find their home in Detroit. We’ve known for years that this was a likely option. When Will first told me this, I thought he was crazy. I mean… it’s Detroit… it’s up north… and I’ve never lived outside the Carolinas…

I’m not trying to sign up for moving anywhere (let alone Detroit!) without visiting first. So back in November 2019, we took a trip up to Detroit (with highs in the 30s). I loved it. I was ready to move that weekend. But then Switzerland happened. And then it didn’t. Life has a funny way of taking you in a completely different direction than you’d planned (this time, quite literally)!

man and woman on Belle Isle with Detroit skyline on left and Windsor skyline on right
View of Detroit, MI and Windsor,ON from Belle Isle

But anyways, I’ve always wanted to travel. My first plane ride EVER was an 8.5-hour flight to Germany back in 2015 – by myself to a country in which I spoke approximately zero words of their language. I flew into Munich and missed my regional train – because I couldn’t read the sign. The completely uninterested lady in the train station told me to take this other train in 5 minutes and it would take me where I needed to be. I hopped on and hoped and prayed it was taking me to meet Will and not to the middle of nowhere France… I got there just fine but man, oh man, I’d never been so happy to see a single human being in my life!

Man and woman excited at train station

Now, I know what you’re thinking… greaaaat, ANOTHER travel blog. Well, that’s where you’re wrong – I’m not actually a blogger. I graduated from the University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!) with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health. I write scientific papers, not blogs… or at least not yet. And anyways… I’ve still got a lot to figure out.

  • How does a travel blog work when you’re based in Detroit instead of Europe?
  • What’s a southern girl need to know before moving up north? And how do I cope?
  • And how long will it be before we can travel again? (Hopefully not long – we’re headed to Europe this summer to celebrate Will’s graduation before we move!)

I definitely don’t have all the answers to these questions yet but I think that’s just part of the journey. So here’s to jumping in headfirst and figuring out life as we go. Stay in touch! Feel free to leave a comment and follow along on Instagram and Pinterest.